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Temperatures will reach the 70s today but we have a high chance for showers and thunderstorms through tomorrow morning.  Chris Castleman will have the full forecast on Good Morning Region 8.

News is breaking at this hour with a stabbing occurring in Jonesboro and now, the victim has died.  It happened at 3000 Fairview Drive.  Police were flagged down by ambulance personnel after finding the victim, whose name hasn't been released yet.  Two people are being questioned and we'll have more on this story on Good Morning Region 8.

With more rain in the forecast. Soaked residents in Sharp County don't know where to turn after the Flood of '08.  Sharp County officials say piles of mangled metal and pieces of homes are spread all across the region and that only hampers a slow rebuilding process along the Spring River.  Residents are being urged to evacuate as a safety precautions since there is more rain in the forecast.

Officials with FEMA will tour flood damage across Arkansas today, along with Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor.  The group will be traveling to affected areas in Pocahontas and Batesville.  FEMA's federal incident response support team will also be in Batesville with the mission of supporting state and local response by expediting the delivery of federal assistance.

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We'll continue to track breaking news regarding a stabbing incident in Jonesboro.

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