UACCB Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary, Supporters Honored

Batesville, AR (KAIT)- Ms. Deborah Frazier, Chancellor of the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville, credits the school's success to the willingness of the community to support this educational institution.

"Today is a celebration of partnership, of the insight that individuals had about UA and what UACCB could become," said Frazier.

As people from the Batesville area gather, young and old, one by one, board members and educational leaders touted the postives of the school and the people who've supported it since it's opening in 1998.

"That's what it's all about. Opportunities for students," said Dr. Jack Lassiter, UACCB Board of Vistors.

University of Arkansas President, Dr. B. Alan Sugg agrees .. it's all about opportunity.

"A lot of young people have opportunity to go to college and transfer to a four year university, like ASU or Arkansas," said Dr. Sugg. "That's what I think is the greatest benefit of it all."

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