Missing Gauge Could Pose Health Risk at Brinkley

BRINKLEY, AR - State officials say they're looking for a soil moisture-and-density guage that contains radioactive materials, which turned up missing from a construction company vehicle at Brinkley.

A news release from the state Health Department yesterday said the guage could pose a health risk if handled or carried for an extended period of time.  The release described the guage as a Troxler Electronic Laboratory Model 3430, with serial number 27381, containing nine millicuries of Cesium-137 and 44 millicuries of Americium-2411: Beryllium.  The release said the missing guage was in a yellow plastic transport case and weighs about 90 pounds.

According to the release, anyone finding this guage should immediately report to the nearest police agency or to the Health Department staff duty officer at 1-800-633-1735.

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