Storms Force Temporary Evacuation of ASU's Kays Hall

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Power was interrupted to Arkansas State University's Kays Hall last night as thunderstorms spread across northeast Arkansas.  At approximately 9:30 p.m., lightning struck a Jonesboro City Water & Light transformer located outside the residence hall, causing it to fail.  An on-site emergency generator automatically came on-line and provided security lighting throughout hallways and staircases.

As a result, some students may miss their classes this morning.  Faculty members are asked to allow those students affected by the outage to make up any missed work.

Approximately 400 students live in Kays Hall.  The students were directed to the Student Union until repairs were completed.  Personnel were called in to provide food for the students, while the Student Union's auditorium was also opened and movies were shown.

Off-duty personnel from the University Police Dept. were also called in to provide additional security.

Power was restored approximately four hours later, and students were allowed to return to Kays.

No other buildings were affected by the outage.