West Memphis, AR

WEST MEMPHIS, AR (KAIT) -- As fuel prices continue to soar, one group is ready to stage a protest.  Independent truck drivers across the United States say the price of diesel is breaking them and some are trying to band together to stay off the roads today in protest.

"It hurts your feelings.  It hurts your bank account.  It hurts your livelihood," said truck driver Tommy McKee.

Fuel prices keep jumping higher and higher for everyone, but for truck drivers, diesel is at a record high. Every time they fill up at the pump, truck drivers coming through Region 8 are seeing their dollars go down.

"I heard a lot of drivers are going to strike but I don't think it's going to make a big enough difference," said McKee.

For Tommy McKee it's already too late.

"I lost my rig due to high fuel prices and a bad fleet manager.  Just a simple hiccup in the system can screw up your trucking career," said McKee.

He now drives for a company and said with the high prices losing their independence is something many drivers are facing.  Some of drivers can run up to 3,000 miles a week and with 200 gallon gas tanks the cost to fill up is around $1,000.  With that cost going up the cost of other things will rise too.

"Everything you get comes from a truck or a train because they both use diesel and it's going to cost more for everything," said McKee.

No one we talked to is going to be a part of this strike.  They say it just isn't possible to take a day off of the road because you never know what tomorrow's economy will bring.

McKee told Region 8 news that he doesn't think this strike will do that much good.  What really needs to happen is for bigger companies to get involved in a protest like this one, if they do more people will take notice.  This strike is supposed to last for three days.