High Waters Roll On The Mississippi

WEST MEMPHIS, AR (KAIT)- "Very mighty...and rolling very hard."

Tiffany Crouch describes the waters of the Mississippi River.

Between West Memphis and Downtown Memphis, TN, the river stretches as far as the eye can see.

Even river boats are just barely clearing the river bridges connecting the two states.

"The fact that the barges are flying by like they are, you don't normally see that.  It's unnerving when you are driving down Riverside Drive and there's a barge level with you driving down the street," said Crouch.

Jim Perrin has lived near the Mississippi river for 23 years and says he's never seen the waters this high.

"I've never seen the cars on the bridges so close to the water in the river.  It's unbelievable," said Perrin.

In fact just off Interstate-40 in West Memphis, a camping area is now under water.

Mobile home shave been forced to higher ground.

So, how do the waters of the Mississippi compare to the floods of past?

For the answer to that, we stopped in at the National Weather Service in Memphis, TN.

"It's still well below the level of flooding that we saw in the upper Mississippi valley back in 1993 for instance."

Corey Chaskelson is a N.W.S. Meteorologist.

On a computer screen he showed us that the level of the river is slowly receding, and more small amounts of rain probably won't make much of a difference.

"What we could see is a continuation of the same conditions as we get additional rainfall," said Chaskelson.

However, excess rain from the North could pose potential problems.

"All of that water has to feed into the Mid-South region.  So, additional rainfall upstream will not help," said Chaskelson.

But with a little good luck, hopefully the waters will continue to recede.

As of 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, the Mississippi River stage at Memphis was 32.6 feet.

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