Breaking And Entering... But No Stealing!

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's one of those scratch your head editions of Crimestoppers. This week, our suspect goes to the trouble of breaking into a convenience store but he doesn't steal anything.

Here's the video of the door breaking and our suspect coming on in. This happened at the BP at the corner of Caraway and Matthews near campus. This dude is only in the store for about 10 seconds before he bolts. Check him out, jumping behind the counter, looking around, and taking off. Give him credit for one thing.  At least he had his face pretty much covered up. Here's a still shot of the best look we have. The only other real clue we have is this guy is short. Look at how the counter comes all the way up to his chest. If you think you have a name for us, you better make sure he isn't over 5' 6" or 5'7". If you have a possible ID for this pint sized bandit, call Crimestoppers right now, 935-STOP.

Jonesboro Police have released the names and pictures of two suspects in a Monday night shooting that injured one. They are considered armed and dangerous. Here they are. Kareem Sanders is suspect number one. He is 20 years old and from Forrest City. Officers believe he is still in the Jonesboro area.

Suspect number two is Prince Kelton Smith. He is 18 and a Jonesboro resident. One again, both of these suspects are considered armed and dangerous, if you see them, do not approach them. Just stay clear and call Crimestoppers, 935-STOP.

We have a little bit of everything on Warrant Watch. Glenda A. Davis starts us off this week. Right now, she's carrying around 1 fail to appear, 1 contempt of court, 9 non-payment of fines and 2 revocation of probation warrants out of JPD.

Ben R. Ham can't equal that total.  He has 6 non-payment of fines and 5 public service work warrants.

If you can turn them in, it's worth cold hard Crimestoppers cash. Call right now, 935-STOP, that's how you get your tip number. Then, watch Crimestoppers every week. If you see me give your suspect the stamp, call or email Sgt. Steve McDaniel at JPD and tell him your tip number. He will tell you how to get your cash. That's how you stay anonymous. Call right now and remember, when you see crime, call Crimestoppers, 935-STOP.