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There is an imminent possibility of severe weather tonight, as severe thunderstorms and heavy showers are expected.  This from Chief Meteorologist Ryan Vaughan, "Scattered showers will overspread parts of Region 8 due to a warm front moving through. I do think we will see a break in the action at some point during our Thursday, but any sunshine will add to the instablity we will have across the region. The best chance to see severe weather will be on Thursday night. We'll be watching the situation closely."

High today will be 74 degrees but we'll drop back to the 50s for the evening.  Chris Castleman will have the full forecast including when the showers will be moving out on Good Morning Region 8.

For the first time in a half century, Arkansas has a new severance tax bill.   Governor Mike Beebe signs the bill, which goes into effect January 1st, and raises the tax rate on the market value of natural gas when it's extracted.   The bill will raise more than $100 million a year and that money will be used to improve state highways.

The Jonesboro man suspected of killing his brother Sunday night makes his first court appearance.   Irving Lofton is charged with first degree murder in the case of his brother, Larry Wilson.   Jonesboro Police say Lofton stabbed his brother in the chest two times, but Lofton denies that accusation.   Police documents suggest blood evidence was found on Lofton.   His bond is set at $500,000.

Jonesboro Police say they have three men in custody following that shooting on Belt and Calion Streets.   Police say Prince Kelton Smith turned himself in shortly after we aired his picture,but he hasn't been charged with a crime at this time.   A second suspect, Kareem Sanders, will face criminal attempt to commit capital murder; and Willis Hendrix faces a criminal attempt to commit capital murder charge.   The victim, 34-year old Grover Zachary was shot in the arm and has since been released from the hospital.

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And NATO approves a missile defense plan from the US.  We'll have the latest on this news just in to our newsroom.

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