Flooding Leaves Scars

POCAHONTAS (KAIT) - Last weeks floodwaters have receded around Pocahontas but the scars still remain.

At the end of Pace road is the home of Jessie and Bonnie Ivy. Their home was filled with about 14 inches of water when the river overflowed.

They were able to get into the house about 4 days ago and after assessing the damage will have to move away from their home of 40 years and destroy most of their possessions.

Daughter Penny Mulligan, "Throw away everything, literally throw away everything. There's mold growing on the furniture, throwing away clothes, appliances everything's ruined.

To their daughter Penny Mulligan this is her life being tossed into a fire, she grew up here in this home.

"I've lived here all of my life, all my life."

Penny says she remembers floods when she was a kid.

"I remember standing on this levee, on this side we could look down and see the edge of the water here, but even with it being flooded it never got into our home. Not one time."

I left the family and walked down the levee and through a field to the site of one of the temporary dams.

Even though the floodwaters have receded for right now with a lot of rain in the forecast this temporary dam may still be needed to hold back the waters of the Black river.

I spoke with Stan Segraves the 911 coordinator for Randolph county. He's keeping an eye on the forecast for heavy rain to the North and any chance for flooding to reoccur.

Segraves, "If it does happen we'll go into preparation mode at that time and putting people into place and everything to take care of the situation as it develops."

For Bonnie Ivy she takes her loss philosophically and places their lives with a higher power.

"We've been here for quite a while and we didn't think we'd ever have to start over again. I mean which were gonna have to. But the Lord will provide."

The Ivys say their house will have to be destroyed...they presently have no plans to rebuild.