As Rains Pour In, So Do Customers Wanting Fuel Treatment Products

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT)- Gas and water don't mix because the gas won't burn.

That could be a problem if you're driving these days. That's why bottles of gas treatment are flying off the shelves at auto parts stores like O'Reilley Auto Parts on Johnson Avenue.

Wayne Gregg, who works for the store, says the rain plays a part in whether or not gas tanks stay water-free.

"Generally when you have a lot of rain, that's when the gas tanks get some water in them," said Gregg.

Any small amount of condensation buildup in your vehicles gas tank can put the brakes on your car's fuel efficiency.

"It would probably just prevent it from running," he said.

In addition to treating the problem of water in gas tanks, some auto experts say gas treatments can help you save money.

Just ask Shalauna Collier.

She says her husband put her onto the idea of using fuel treatments.

"He said it's like a tuneup in a bottle so ever since he's gotten it I've gotten it and I haven't had any problems," said Collier.

Collier says her account balance seems to have gotten a tune-up as well.

"Yes I have noticed it saves me money and I get it like every week or every other week."

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