Professional Partnerships Teaming for Region 8 Women's Futures

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Going on a job interview or starting a new career can be a challenging experience, but imagine having to do it with little more than the clothes you are wearing now.  It's a reality for some women in Region 8, but the Woman's Discovery Center in Jonesboro is working to change that.

"If we feel better, then we feel like we can do better and present ourselves better. And by looking better and wearing attire, we often feel more together and more presentable," said Keri Bangert of the Women's Crisis Center.

The Woman's Discovery Center has partnered with the Women's Crisis Center and the First Christian Church to create a Women's Professional Clothes Closet....a place for women who cannot afford it to find appropriate clothing for job interviews and professional work.

"I work at a bank here in town and I know that clothes are expensive and that it is hard, especially for some for some of the ladies that leave the Woman's Recovery Center with just the clothes on their back and so they need to go out and have clothes to go to work.  I felt it was a good opportunity for me to clean my closet out," said donor Teresa Ashley.

Donations have been pouring in to the Woman's Discovery Center in Jonesboro and for the women who are referred, it's a truly unique shopping experience.

"Any agency in the community, any employment service in the community or any employer in the community, can refer a woman to go shopping at the closet at the Woman's Discovery Center," said Woman's Discovery Center director Faye Cox.

Volunteers will help assist the women with clothing and if she cannot find all the pieces to an appropriate outfit, money used from donations will be put on gift cards that volunteers will help the woman use to finish her wardrobe.

"That feels good to us to be able to go and pick out what we need and feel like we are in that type of setting. Especially for females," said Bangert.

New and gently used clothing donations can be made to the Woman's Discovery Center at 1413-A Market Place Drive.  The center is also accepting cash donations.  For more information, call 933-9939.