Bracing For Rising Flood Waters

Delaplaine, AR (KAIT)- Rhonda Eveland's preparing for a double dose of mother nature's wrath.

She recalls the flood waters creeping up towards her home a few weeks ago.

"We just set our alarms and checked every couple of hours, to make sure it wasn't getting into the house," said Eveland.

Her neighbors weren't so lucky.

"I don't feel like we got enough help at all," she said. "It almost flooded our house and it flooded our neighbors home."

The levee near Eveland's home on Highway 304 in Delaplaine breached in two places during the most recent floods.

Randolph County 9-1-1 Coordinator, Stan Segraves, says they were able to make repairs to one breach, but the other was impossible to get to, so that's expected to give them trouble this time around.

"There's a possibility it will breach that levee again and we'll have some minor flooding,'" said Segraves. "Hopefully, not as much as when it was 26.5 feet."

23.5 feet is the river crest they're expecting by Monday, a worrying thought for Eveland.

"Nobody's ever stopped by and offered us anything like sandbags, which we needed," she said. "That never happened."

Segraves is asking for the public's help, as they watch and wait.

"If people will listen to the radio and watch the tv that will help us. Sure will take a burden off our communications system."

Currently, there are no evacuations in the area.

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