Help Could Be On The Way For Craighead County Flood Victims

JONESBORO, AR -- (KAIT) Help could be on the way for Craighead County residents battered by the recent flooding in Region 8.

The first thing you have to do is call Craighead County officials to report the damage done to your personal property.

9-1-1 coordinator for Craighead County, Mark Hogan, says right now there are no funds from FEMA  available to residents who have flood damage who live in Craighead County.

Hogan says that is why it's so important to report the damage if you have it.

He says damage has to reach a certain monetary amount before FEMA becomes involved.

If you have damage you are urged to call officials and report it, that will determine if and how much FEMA will become involved in assisting people who do have flood damage.

Hogan says those who report flood damage within Craighead County will be put on a list and that list will be sent to FEMA.

"We need the list so they can GPA where the structures are, and we have to meet their criteria which is a certain monetary or dollar amount before they become involved. If we don't know, then FEMA doesn't know. What we're asking the public to do is if they have had any damage to please call," said Hogan.

To report damage you can call the 9-11 coordinator's office at 933-4502, office of emergency services at 933-4575, or call the county judges' office at 933-4500.

If you get an answering machine the only information you need to leave is your name and address.