Three Charged with Killing Suspected Region 8 Police Informant

BATESVILLE, AR - Authorities say a Mountain View man who was allegedly stabbed and beaten with a shovel by two men who thought he was a police informant spent his last moments begging for his life.

Kagen Futrell, 19, was allegedly killed by three men March 26 after they coaxed him into riding with them by saying they were going to get some methamphetamine.  Arrested were 34-year-old David Lee Tidwell, 26-year-old Steven M. Carpenter, and 19-year-old Mark Blackford.  The three, charged with capital murder, appeared in court in Independence County to discuss their legal representation.  They are being held without bond in the Stone County jail.  The Stone County sheriff says Futrell was not an informant.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)