Jonesboro's 9-1-1 Coordinator Fired

JONESBORO, AR -- (KAIT) -- Jonesboro's 9-11 coordinator has been fired by the city.

It happened after a police investigation concluded that he attempted to get personal information belonging to another department head.

According to the police investigation, Mayor Doug Formon fired Bob Andrews  Tuesday afternoon for trying to get the date of birth for Public Works Director, Erick Woodruff.

According to the police report, the request for the information was made by Jonesboro City Alderman Judy Furr.

"A human resources tech notified myself and Erick, the employee the information was trying to be obtained on," said Jonesboro Mayor, Doug Formon.

"We were told by her that Bob Andrews had called requesting the information and that's really what got the investigation started," said Formon.

An investigation leading to the termination of 9-11 coordinator Bob Andrews.

According to a police report, 9-11 director Bob Andrews called the city's HR department on March 20-th requesting the date of birth for Public Works Director, Erick Woodruff.

The police report states that it has been alleged he was requesting the information in order to do a criminal background check on Woodruff.

According to the report, longtime Jonesboro City Alderman Judy Furr requested the information about Woodruff's date of birth.

According to the police report, Andrews says he wasn't told why the information was being requested, and didn't ask why.

"The reason for the termination is that we've lost our trust with Mr. Andrews meaning that if he's trying to obtain this information on one of our department heads, would he try and do that to you, or me, or any other of the 60, 000 people that live in Jonesboro," said Formon.

In a statement by Judy Furr to police, she said parties unknown had relayed information to her that Erick Woodruff needed to be quote "checked out".

Later in the statement, she made the comment to Andrews that she would like to know Woodruff's date of birth.

She says at no time did she believe that the ACIC would be used improperly to get the information, nor did she request such.

She also stated that her intent was to either establish that some serious issue existed or that it be put to rest if it did not.

"There still has been nothing that has come up that's been negative towards Erick. He's been a great employee since we've gotten him here. He's really done a good job for us," said Formon.

Erick Woodruff is out of town but offered this statement by phone he said, "I was and am extremely disturbed by the actions of all involved in this matter. I have no other comment at this time. I'm pursuing all options related to resolving this apparent violation of the public trust by those I have worked closely with," said Woodruff.

Furr declined an on camera interview but did say by telephone , "looking back I should have gone through the right channels. It's a very unfortunate set of circumstances. I'm taking the blame for this. I feel very bad about this. It bothers me--it bothers me a lot," said Furr.

According to the report, Bob Andrews did not use or attempt to use the Arkansas Crime Information Center for improper purposes and thus has been cleared of any criminal offense.

Bob Andrews had no comment on the situation.