Injured Deputy Returns Home

JONESBORO (KAIT) - You may recall the Craighead County Deputy Donna Cromwell who was critically injured in a car accident in February  on her way to a call .Now nearly two months, and several surgeries later. she is on her way home for the first time.

Cromwell, "I hurt but it's like each day I feel better."

Deputy Cromwell is lucky to be alive.

Her police car went off the road onto gravel and rolled over throwing her out of the car into a field.

Her list of injuries includes a broken knee and hip, broken vertebrates in her neck and back, severe head trauma and for a while she couldn't talk. But now she is on the difficult road to heal.

And today is very special.

Cromwell, "I'm going home today, first time I've been home in two months."

Her boss,  Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann is proud that she has reached this point so soon.

" It's only been two months and we thought it would be at least a year before she was at this point so. That's partly her, partly all the care she's gotten here at Health South and Memphis."

Donna gives full credit to all the hospital and rehab personnel who assisted her to recover.

Cromwell, "They taught me to do a lot of things. Moving both legs, learning to move myself with my upper body. Strengthening my upper body. "

It will be around a month before donna can be free of the wheel chair. Walking is her next big challenge but her ultimate goal is.

Cromwell, "Get back to work full time, back to the same. Sheriff says I was a good deputy so hopefully I'll get back to the same deputy I was before."

Donna says she is amazed at all the support she has received.

"I want to thank every body in Jonesboro for the support. I've had a lot of support from a lot of people. Mainly the prayers that went out the night the accident happened. I honestly believed that if people hadn't got together and prayed that night I probably wouldn't be here. "

Donna is in a hurry to get home to see her fiance, Rick Stewart and all her kids and grandchildren and the sheriff says he's ready for her to come back to work.

McCann, "The sooner the better we're ready for her. She says she's gonna do it and I believe she can do it."