Interim 9-11 Director Named For Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "I think he's probably one of the most well trained of the dispatchers that is over there right now. Jeff has some good management skills, and I think he'll do a real good job," said Jonesboro Mayor, Doug Formon.

Long time city employee Jeff Presley will serve as Jonesboro's interim 9-11 director until the city can find a permanent replacement for the position.

This comes after Bob Andrews was fired from the position on Tuesday.

"It's an unfortunate set of circumstances, what has transpired with the director, but I have no reason to believe it will cause us any great operational difficulty during this time period," said Jonesboro Police Chief, Mike Yates.

Even so, with the threat of severe weather looming, Chief Yates is taking pro-active steps to keep residents safe if in fact severe weather hits.

"We actually made arrangements to have fire/police personnel available to assist in the 9-11 center....anyway," said Yates.

Yates is confident bases are covered if the weather turns dangerous.

He goes on to say he does not think the recent set of circumstances will adversely affect the

9-11 service to the city.

"We have  some things to do, and some problems to take care of, but we'll deal with them and go on with business," said Yates.

Part of that business is finding a person to fill the 9-11 director spot.

"I would like to see someone with some significant experience in a 9-11 center of our size or greater," said Yates.

"....What kind of education what kind of training, they are already working on that so hopefully within the next couple of days we should have something posted on that," said Formon.