Spring River On Rise Again

MAMMOTH SPRING (KAIT) - Once again the Spring River is raging over it's banks.

This time coming up so fast many residents along the river had almost no time to get anything out of harms way.

Around ten thirty this morning Charlotte McNeal looked out of her windows and noticed the water was rising.

Looking across the river at markers she saw that the water was coming up and began getting concerned since she had just been evacuated on the 18th of March.

Not even a month had passed since the last floodwaters had risen and now it was happening all over again.

"We started grabbing a few personal things but that's all we could get and we had to evacuate the house."

One of the biggest differences between this flood and last months was the speed that the waters rose.

McNeal, "Within 45 minutes the river came out of it's banks and over took the yard and started coming up the back steps."

They had enough time to deal with the utilities but their propane tank floated away on the flood.

Further down the river the water had over powered the dam and was beginning to force it's way into the fish hatchery. Earlier  that day workers had been evacuated by riding across the river on a piece of construction equipment.

In Hardy the water was creeping up over the tracks and was expected to crest even higher than the flooding on the 18th.

If more rain falls to our north the flooding could again have a devastating impact on towns and farmlands across the region. For now all that can be done is to wait and watch.