Apartment Manager In Court, Residents Speak Out


JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Residents at the Garden Manor Estates apartment complex in north Jonesboro are reacting to the arrest of their property manager.

Steven Tarpley, of Jonesboro, is charged with distribution of child pornography and video voyeurism. He was in court Thursday with a bond set at $5,000

Tarpley is accused of installing a wireless camera in a woman's living room at the Garden Manor complex.

According to Jonesboro Police, the victim says Tarpley is the only other person with access to her apartment and that he is always "over-friendly' with her.

Detective Jason Simpkins says it's evidence that was found inside Tarpley's apartment that led to his arrest Wednesday.

"Items were found in Mr. Tarpley's apartment that link him," said Simpkins. "Cameras were found."

But, cameras weren't the only things found.

"Child pornography has been downloaded and shared from his computer. As far as the amount of pornography or what type it was, the computer will be sent to the crime lab."

People who live in the complex say they can't believe Tarpley's capable of such a violation of trust.

"H seemed like a pretty good guy," said resident Lisa Hurn. "It was a shock."

Tarpley's next court appearance is May 29th. If found guilty, he could face up to 16 years in prison.

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