College Student Wrestles Robber To The Ground

JONESBORO, AR -- A  terrifying armed robbery for a young couple in Jonebsoro on Aggie Road at around 1:30 Friday morning.

A young man probably saved his own life and his girlfriend's life as police say he wrestled the robber to the ground and kept him there until police could make it to the couple's apartment and make an arrest.

Police have that man in custody as well as a woman police say was an accomplice, but not there during the robbery.

Now police need your help finding the other two men who got away.

"There was one guy in here and he had the gun pointed directly at my head. I was laying face down on the pillow and he had the gun right at my temple.  He  kept hitting me with it, and hitting me with it, and kept asking me where my money was and kept telling me they were going to mess me up," said Colby Brooks.

22 year old Colby Brooks and his girlfriend Mersadeze were asleep early Friday morning when three gunman came through their back door, threatened their lives, and ransacked their apartment on Aggie Road in Jonesboro.

Colby wasn't going down without a fight, and at that point he was literally fighting for his life, and his girlfriends.

"He wrapped the hairdryer cord around my wrists.  I slid my arm out knowing he would have to reach for it. I thought he would reach with the gun, but he laid the gun on the bed,  I rolled over, grabbed him, threw him against the wall, slammed him up against the door, and put the gun under his chin," said Brooks.

His girlfriend jumped out of a window and got help.

Police say Brooks wrestled one suspect, Santonio Smith, to the ground.

Police Nikki Sietz was an acquaintance of the couple and also an accomplice in the crime, but police say she wasn't there during the robbery.

The other two gunman who were in the living room during the fight in the bedroom left the scene.

Jonesboro Police need your help to find them.

"These guys are considered armed and dangerous. We don't want anyone to do anything foolish and getting hurt and so they would simply just need to call us and we will follow up on it," said Jonesboro Police Detective, Mike Branscum.

"Well whenever they told us to put our face in the pillow and put our hands behind our head, I was pretty sure that I was going to die or get shot. I was praying, and  she reached over and grabbed my hand and I was just praying saying please don't let this happen," said Brooks.

Answered prayers but an unforgettable night.....

"I was scared to death. I'm not going to lie. I've never had a gun stuck to my head, and have someone say  they were going to kill me.

Colby and Mersadeze say they are going to look for another place to live.

Once again, if you have any information about this robbery, you can call Crimestoppers at 935-stop.