Businesses On Edge About Flooding

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Flood waters are expected to crest in Batesville at 27 feet, which is about the same as it was during the flooding last month.

However, businesses that reside along the river are still on edge as water creeps near their doors.

Shaggy Salon is one of those businesses.

Stylist Kim Moore tells us that they've got a trailer backed up and are ready to start filling it if the waters should come too close.

She says they are frustrated because you don't know if your going to be safe from the waters from one week to the next due to the erratic weather patterns we've seen lately.

Just down the parking lot, however, John Covington with Batesville Furniture tells us they are not getting too concerned just yet.

Last month water got 16" from their doors, and he says unless the river goes over the 27 foot expected crest, they will probably be in the clear.

He joked and told us that if the water should come in then they'll have a great reason for a Flood Sale.  Currently their sign reads "Flood Sale:  Get it while it's dry."

County Judge Bill Hicks told us that overall the County is ready for the flooding because they've already dealt with it once, and should it get worse, they've got their emergency plans in place.

Meanwhile, dozens of people can still be found at the Southside Lookout taking pictures of their town nearly engulfed by water.

The White River is expected to crest on Saturday.

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