SeMo Authorities Find Cat Fatally Burned in Oven

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) - Humane Society officials and law enforcement authorities in Pemiscot County are investigating an incident that occured Saturday night in which a domestic cat was placed inside a heated oven and fatally burned.

According to Caruthersville Police Chief Chris Riggs, CPD officers were called to a residence to a residence to assist a Humane Society investigator after she found a seriously injured cat that had allegedly been placed inside the home's oven.  As police arrived, several male juveniles were seen fleeing the scene.

The Humane Society investigator had been called to the home.  Humane Society spokeswoman Erma Page said the cat was still alive when its investigator arrived at the home, but the animal died a short time later due to the severity of the injuries.

Adults at the house indicated that two small children had placed the cat in an oven that was then turned on.  Two juveniles were taken into custody and charged with minor in possession of alcohol by consumption.  Additional charges may be filed later.

"Missouri law is clear that it is a felony to inflict intentional cruelty or torture on an animal that is alive," Page commented.  "We will continue to investigate the matter and refer the matter to the Prosecuting Attorney for the appropriate charges."  Missouri state law also allows that the adult in control can be charged for the crime if not providing adequate care and control over the animal or minor child.

"It is a horrible thing to see an animal tortured like this," Page stated.  "It is something that is almost unbelievable."