Second WestSide Shooter Served

JONESBORO (KAIT)  - Andrew Golden, the younger West Side shooter is due back in court.

Attorney Bobby McDaniel, "Well we found Andrew Golden in Arkansas under an assumed name.'

Andrew golden the youngest of the Westside shooters has been subpoenaed and will return to jonesboro to face questioning in a civil suit.

It has taken at least five months and to track Golden down

McDaniel, "I'd been looking for him for a long time and we got a tip.We had three investigators who staked him out for a couple of days and we finally got him."

Attorney Bobby McDaniel who is representing the families of those killed says Goldens' deposition may have some important answers.

McDaniel, "They want to know what happened, they want to hear from both of these boys what happened. The truth is probably going to lie somewhere in between or maybe outside."

Golden has already served time in prison on criminal charges, this time he faces civil action,the outcome of that is considerably different.

In a civil suit there is no prison time. If found guilty the judge could order monetary damages be paid. The ultimate goal is to prevent Johnson and Golden from profiting from their accounts of that tragic day.

McDaniel, "Financially will it mean anything to the families I'm sure it will not. But this is beyond money, this is a matter of principal.

I spoke with Brandi Varner whose sister Britthney was one of the Westside victims ..she says that hearing Goldens testimony may bring the closure her and other families need.

Varner, "I don't know you ever get closure on the whole situation completely. I'm interested in seeing what he has to say I guess you know to put that piece of puzzle you know with why everything happened."

At this time no official date has been set for Goldens testimony but McDaniel believes it will be sometime in May.