Huckabee Starts PAC to Raise Money for Fellow Republicans

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Mike Huckabee has created a political action committee to help other Republican candidates, including presumptive presidential nominee John McCain.

According to a description on the former Arkansas governor's Web site: "Huck PAC will support Republican candidates who are passionate advocates for tax reform, a strong national defense, real border security, life, the family, less government and individual liberty."

Huckabee won the leadoff caucuses in Iowa and contests in seven other states - Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louisiana and Kansas.  He dropped out of the race March 4 after McCain won the delegates needed to clinch the GOP's nomination.

Huckabee told supporters in a conference call last week that he hoped to campaign for McCain and said he hoped to help the Arizona senator's presidential bid with the committee.  Huckabee said he doesn't know if McCain is considering him as a running mate.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)