Women's Crisis Center Gets $10,000 Donation

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "Women and children in our society who are subject to abuse in their homes. They're scared in the night without anyone to take of them...this is truly the Lord's work," said Arkansas Attorney General, Dustin McDaniel.

Ten thousand dollars from Bentonville based Wal-Mart to the Women's Crisis Center of Northeast Arkansas.

Money that is desperately needed and greatly appreciated.

Money going to a refuge for battered and abused women and children.

"Counseling programs and children's programs, it will not be difficult to put this money to use," said Executive Director for the Women's Crisis Center of Northeast Arkansas, Vicki Crego.

"It's really important what the grant does for Northeast Arkansas and we're very excited about being able to provide a grant for them," said Senior Manager, Public Affairs and Government Relation in Arkansas, Laurie Smalling.

Laurie Smalling says Wal-Mart works closely with all elected officials to find an opportunity to make an impact in communities.

They looked to Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel for some insight on what organization may benefit most from a donation.

"With what the Attorney General does for the state in protecting Arkansans' and looking for ways to make sure that they receive the resources they need to make sure that they are not harmed....it was a perfect fit for what he does for the state and what the center does for Northeast Arkansas," said Smalling

"When I was a police officer I saw what domestic violence does to a community," said McDaniel.

"A donation of this magnitude will go a long way," said Crego.

Crego says the center depends above anything on community support and donations like this one.

The Women's Crisis Center of Northeast Arkansas serves 6 counties in Northeast Arkansas.

Crego is eager to spend the money for the betterment of a center that serves so many.

"We are reaching out to other communities and helping those women and children as well," said Crego.