19th Annual Business Expo Finds Jonesboro Economy Strong

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- More than 280 Region 8 businesses were on display Thursday at the 19th Annual Business Expo in Jonesboro. This year's event was held 'Under the Big Top' and it was a chance for businesses and customers to come together at the largest gathering of its kind in the state.

"Everything from telecommunications companies to food vendors to caterers to insurance companies anything that you can think of that you might need. You will find a booth out here representing that," said Cari White of the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce.

It may have been a lot to juggle, but Region 8 businesses were all smiles Thursday during the 19th Annual Business Expo.  And it wasn't all just fun and games when the doors opened to the public at 1:00 p.m.

Last year's expo exposed Region 8 businesses to more than 6,500 customers and this year is on track to be even bigger and better.

Larry Vickers of Southlawn Nursery commented, "It's been a great day so far been a lot of traffic so far this morning, gives us a lot of opportunity to network with some of the other businesses and just show our support for the community."

And it's a community with a strong economy.  Startek's recent announcement to come to Jonesboro and plans to hire 500 people is a good boost for local industry.

"They are going to need printing, they are going to need TV coverage, they are going to need the newspapers and they are going to be buying their products, like furniture and everything, so they get to know the business in town. Networking is what it is all about and that's what the expo is all about," said Judy Clayton of the Department of Work Force Services, "Last year we were opening Alberto Culver and they are in full swing and this year we are opening up Startek and the economy in Jonesboro is a good, it's a good place to live and work."

KAIT and the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored the event.