Paying For Gas, It's All In The Head

JONESBORO (KAIT) - The price of gas goes up accordingly yet we still line up at the pumps and drive those gas guzzlers.


You can stand by any road in Region 8 and watch the parade of pickups, vans and suvs all drinking gas at record prices.

Projections are for the price of gas to peak and may drop to about 3 dollars a gallon by the end of the year.

That remains to be seen. But so how much would you pay? and how much is too much.

Jon Smith, "Anything over 2 dollars. (Would you pay more?) I have to or walk, and I'm too old to walk."

Dr. Dan Marburger says allowing for inflation were paying just about what gas cost in 1980.

Geraldine Gibson, "It's already too high right now but there's certain places we gotta go and things we gotta do that makes a difference but it'll slow me down."

Besides changing vehicles to something more economical we've got to change something else to.

Dr. Loretta McGregor, a suv owner and psychology professor at ASU told me why we love our gas guzzlers.

McGregor, "We buy them because weve established a pattern of behavior in that we have driven suvs' for a number of years without any consequences and now people are asking us to change that behavior and it's very difficult to change a pattern of behavior once it's been established."

I think gas prices will continue to go up and I think we're looking at 4 dollars a gallon pretty soon. When it hits 5 dollars I'm riding my motorcycle only.

Dr. McGregor says the manufacturers can help us make the first step to change.

"Slowly decrease the size of the vehicles while maintaining some of the luxuries that people like and still have better gas mileage, that may be a better approach as opposed to saying how hi we need to raise prices to make people stop."