Quake Rumbles Region 8

JONESBORO (KAIT)- A large portion of the Midwest was shaken awake early Friday morning by an earthquake.

The U.S. Geological survey gives it a 5.2 magnitude and says it was a centered in southern Illinois near the Indiana border.

The quake triggered dozens of aftershocks throughout the region.

We live in an area that could experience a major earthquake at any time.

So what do we feel during a quake and what do we need to do to be prepared?

what you felt was this 5.2 magnitude earthquake that had the epicenter around 120 miles east of St. Louis>

so what caused your pictures to swing and that rumble you might have heard?

Dr. John Pratte, ASU, "If you are near the epicenter you are feeling what are commonly known as L waves. It's a lot like the water waves when you drop the pebble in the water. The wave goes off in this direction and motion is this way."

but with the center of the quake so far from here what did we experience?

Pratte, "What you are picking up is the P and S waves."

P waves come at us horizontally, S waves come at us kind of vertically depending on ground and rock formations.

And although a 5.2 sounds big is it really hazardous?

Pratte, "5 is nothing to sneeze at but it's nothing that you're to see major damage."

It does pay to be prepared for any kind of disaster, you need to have a disaster kit handy.

Shelly Hood, Greene County, OES/911 "When you prepare for an earthquake you can prepare for every other little small disaster besides an earthquake."

It can be as simple as a bag full of personal items to a kit you can buy over the Internet, loaded with all kinds of important things you need to have to survive.

Whether it be a store bought kit or items you've bought a local store. Gather them together and keep them in something you can grab and go with. So how do you determine what you will need?

Hood, "Usually when I'm telling people what to really do. I tell them, look at your life in 24 hours and see what they use in a 24 hour period or 48 hour period."

The big one may or may not ever happen, but we always need to be prepared for any kind of natural or man made disaster.