Cheerleaders's Death Leads to Questions About Safety

WORCESTER, MA (KAIT) - Lauren Chang, a cheerleader from Massachusettes, passed away Monday from a cheerleading accident. Chang was kicked in the chest while performing a cheerleading routine.

Chang was a competitive cheerleader for the Energized Athletics gym.

Becuase of Chang's sudden death, many quesion have been arising about the safety of cheerleaders.

While cheerleading used to be only kicks and claps, now it is a competitive sports with gymnastics and stunts that are extremely complicated.  The kick Chang got had the same intensity as being hit in a car wreck.

Cheerleading has a lot of potential dangers especially when gymnastics were added in the 1980s.

Many squads are required to take weekly gymnastics classes. Most girls are injured more than once and some squards are formed for competition only.

However, when questioned if they would still do it, most cheerleaders say they are willing to take the risk. Doing what they love is more important than worrying about a few horror stories.