Got Ghosts?

POWHATAN (KAIT) - Now for a ghost tale.  The Powhatan courthouse was built in 1888 the old building has seen more than it's fair share of cases over the years and yes there were hangings on the property. Some believe the spirits of some of the condemned are still present.

Any 120-year old building offers the perfect setting for a ghost story.  The Powhatan court house near Black Rock is no exception. This is the spirit seekers third trip and they are seeing more and more activity.

Alan Lowe, Chief Investigator, "And every year we have come back there has been a little more activity. By activity I mean the more unseen things that happen around you that you can't really put your finger on."

The evening began with a presentation from the Spirit Seekers. Locals from the area gathered in the upstairs court room to hear the results of the last trip.

I sat down with Alan Lowe the chief investigator,  and of course the first question I had to ask was Is the courthouse haunted?  Lowe, "Yes I believe it is."

Besides technology the spirit seekers use those in tune with the spirits.  Lowe, "We've had psychics here, we've taken pictures and gotten electronic voice phenomenon."

With the lecture over the group headed to the old jail to try their hands and copper rods at connecting with the after life.

Tammy Croom of Black Rock was able to funnel the energy into the rods while my son Hayden asked questions.

Closed rods mean yes, open for no. It kind of limits your questions but you can find out a great deal of information.

He asked her if it was Amanda, and she said yes, and did she commit suicide, and she said yes, she hung herself.

By ten the guests had departed and the ghost hunters were gathering up their equipment and posting themselves around the grounds for their all night vigil.

Melissa was up in the attic where she had an encounter before, others were back in the jail using the rods and looking for who or whatever was in the building.

We spoke with Alan Lowe On Monday, he said this expedition was fairly quiet.

Some laughter in the courtroom and some activity in the jail.

And in case you were wondering the most active hours are not at midnight, but around 2 or 3 in the morning.