Indians Logo's to be Changed at ASU

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Now that we have a new mascot the images around Arkansas State University will change from the ASU Indians to the Red Wolves.  The transition to the wolves is already underway.

For the past couple of years some changes have been happening on the ASU campus.  The widely used "state" logo has been used for a lot of things in this period of transition, but now that we do have a new mascot the Red Wolf will be added.

"We've been the Indians for 77 years so we've been promoting that and sponsoring that and supporting that for a number of years, so there's a lot of logo's around on our facilities," said ASU Athletic Director Dr. Dean Lee.

Lee said they've been working to identify all of the Indians logos and are still finding some they didn't know were there.

"We will find them.  I actually found one this morning that we did not have on our list.  I feel like we've got the majority of them.  We're looking at trying to calculate the cost on each and every one of those," said Lee.

These changes will bring a hefty price tag.

"We estimate probably about $75,000 to do everything.  We will begin with the things that will be the most visible from a customer standpoint and from a fan standpoint," said Lee.

That $75,000 is the initial estimate and it's something that's not part of the budget.

"It is not part of the budget anywhere.  We are just trying to piece that together wherever we can.  We do accept donations and Indian Club will help," said Lee.

Not all of the changes will be done by this fall.

"It's going to be very difficult from a wholesale standpoint to make all of those changes instantaneous.  We'll have to transition through those as we can," said Lee.

So, don't be surprised this fall if you're at a football game and instead of the head of the red wolf you see the face of an Indian looking back at you.