Go Gray!

HOLLYWOOD, CA (KAIT) - More and more women are going gray with their hair. Statements from L'Oreal Hair Company claim that over half of women over 40 are no longer coloring their hair.

Alot of men and women in hollywood are all just letting their hair go naturally gray. Meryl Streep, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Diane Keaton are only a few to don their natural color.

Tips for ways to keep your gray hair looking great:

1. Don't force it - Only let your hair go gray and stop the coloring when over 60% of the roots are gray.

2. Keep It Healthy - Use hair products designed for gray hair to keep your hair healthy. (and still on your head)

3. Cosider a New Cut -  A new hair cut can make the transition to gray go more smoothly.

One reason some may be cutting the coloring jobs might be the rising prices of consumer products. With gas prices rising, some women may not be able to afford the luxary of a montly color job.

So next time you consider a color, think about going gray instead. It's a natural look.