Nursing Students Picking Up In Newport

NEWPORT (KAIT) - 45 senior ASU nursing students stepped out of the classroom and hit the streets of Newport to clean up.

Armed with rain coats, rubber boots of various styles and plastic trash bags.  The 45 senior nursing students from asu set off to clean up the streets and parks of newport.

One of the students Deitra Curry is from newport she says her town needs a little help.

"They came out to help us because this community needs someone to come and help clean up and pick up around."

You never know what you're going to find in a roadside ditch,  in fact one of the first things they found this morning had to be turned over to the police.

Johnny Long, Director Newport Parks and Recreation Dept. "It was a kit for a meth lab that they use and stuff the police called me and told me one of the ladies over on robinson road had found it."

The kit along with a knife were turned over to the Newport police and the pickup continued.

The nursing students consider todays service as kind of a payback to Newport.

Debbie Shelton is an assistant professor in the nursing program.

"It means a lot to me that they're very excited to come help a community that gives so much to us. We actually use newport as one of our community sites and so i think that were very excited to come. Been very eager to help. "

Johnny Long, " Maybe it'll show the citizens here that other people are coming and doing the job they should have been doing all along."

Satisfied at a job well done, with nearly 50 bags of trash collected. The group headed back to jonesboro.