Stress Tips for Finals

Finals are coming up for most college students, but along with that so does stress.

Many college students feel the pressure when it comes to final exams. However, there are some ways to reduce the stress students feel when it comes to the end of the semester.

  • 1. Don't pull overnighters - Most students feel it is important to stay up very late in to the night to study for an exam. This only makes the student less focused the next day and they more than likely will not perform as well as they should have on their exam.
  • 2. Exercise - Regular exercise can help reduce the stress by allowing the student to exert frustrations they have from finals or anything else.
  • 3. Slow down on the caffeine - Even though it may seem like a boost, caffeine is only a temporary fix to staying focused. Try eating some fruits like apples or strawberries to keep your mind in focus and it will keep you healthy too.
  • 4. Study with Buddies - Studying with your friends can definitely help with an exam by keeping one in a good mood. But, keep in mind the subject. Do not stray away from studying and end up goofing off all night.
  • 5. Do things on time - Never procrastinate. Procrastination can make one even more stressed out and make finals even more terrible.

With these tips and a good attitude, finals should be a breeze.