Flood Could Dampen Spring Cleanup

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) -- After a rough spring, some Region 8 communities are taking part in spring cleanup.

"Hoxie and Walnut Ridge have both been trying to get their citizens to cleanup their yards," said Wendell Jones.

"We're picking up trash that people are dragging out of their backyards and sheds and picking up brush," said Walnut Ridge street department employee Kathi Bonner.

While the city is picking up what residents leave behind for them, the people in the community are doing what they can to clean up too.

"You see what I've been doing here.  I've been getting these leaves out," said Richard Pinkston.

Like others in the community Pinkston is working to get his bushes and lawn ready for spring.

"It's important to us to clean up the town so it's not in your back yard lying around," said Bonner.

However others are still running behind.  While parts of Lawrence County are cleaning up, others are still underwater.

"It's going to be slow for them because it's still wet out there.  The ground's still muddy," said Wendell Jones.

Areas in Black Rock are still underwater and any spring cleanup for those areas will have to wait.  You can see where the water has gone down leaving braches along fences and ditches.

"They've got to clean it up.  If it's in the ditch they've got to get it where the water can flow," said Pinkston.

Cleanup is officially underway in Black Rock.  Dumpsters are down by the old baseball field for people to take their trash to.  For some the cleanup won't be an easy turn.