Region 8 Gets New E-85 Fuel


Just off Highway 18 in Lake City sits one of the areas only E85 gas stations.

Comparative to regular fuel, E85 is 85% corn based ethanol and 15% gasoline making it safer for the environment, and made mostly in the U.S.A.

"I think it's a great thing. It helps the environment. It helps with pollution."

Jason Cottingham among the first to fill up his "Flex Fuel" based vehicle with the new E85 gasoline.

He says with gas prices soaring, a small drop in efficiency isn't really that noticable.

"I think the efficiency of it is about a mile less per gallon," said Cottingham.

Which makes the transition to E85 for many an easy one to do.

In fact right now regular gas is sitting at $3.41 a gallon while Ethanol-85 sits at only $2.76 a gallon.

Steve Despain with the MFA Oil Company tells us, that E-85 fuel has been set to remain 65-cents less than regular gasoline.

"If gas goes to $4 a gallon, E-85 will sell at $3.35 a gallon," said Despain.

So how do you know if your vehicle can support the new E-85 gasoline?  Well it's simple.

"You can refer to your owner's manual. You can look on your gas cap," said Despain.

In fact many "Flex Fuel" vehicles are marked with a yellow gas cap or a sticker just on the inside of the fuel door.

And now that the area has E-85 fuel, car lots say they will start selling more of these cars.

"The GM dealerships and the Ford dealerships have told some of our customers that they are going to start ordering more cars now that we have a site to fill up at," said Despain.

And when every penny counts at the pump, that could be some welcomed news.

Is your car compatible with E-85 Fuel?  Here's how you can find out.

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