Rabies Outbreak In Craighead County

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY (KAIT) - There's rabies in Craighead county

Rabies, it's a word that generally brings to mind an animal out of control.

Dr. John Huff, DVM - "Many people think about dogs foaming at the mouth and if you don't see that then they don't have rabies well that's certainly not true."

Recently at a house along Craighead County Road 360 an opossum wandered into a yard where a child was playing,  the child then picked up the possum, was playing with the possum, his parents saw this, realized that this was abnormal.

Now rabies can be spread by domesticated animals like your dog and cats but if an animal should come out of the woods like these behind me. And start acting unusual like a raccoon or possum or skunk then you might want to suspect that it might be rabid.

The possum was sent to the state health department and examined and indeed found to be rabid.

Since it is unusual for an opossum to be rabid it may be cause for concern.

Huff, "Allow us to presume there may be a larger number of rabies animals in this area larger that what we have experienced in the last few years. "

Dr. Huff says rabies is a year round problem but more so in warmer weather.

"Rabies is out there year round but this is the time of year typically spring summer is the time of year we see more rabies cases reported across the state."

Paul Tribble lives in the area where the rabies was found. He was unaware of the discovery and will keep a closer eye on his grand children when they are outside.

"We will not let them out by their self. Somebody be with them at all times."

For your own and your pets protection you need to make sure to have your animals vaccinated.

And if you suspect an animal in your yard is rabid.

Dr. Huff, "You should leave that animal alone, don't take that into your own hands."