The Man In The Center Of A Controversy Speaks Out

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Jonesboro Mayor Doug Formon officially denies Bob Andrews request to get back his job as 9-11 Director for the city.

This comes just weeks after police reports say he requested the date of birth for Public Works Director, Erick Woodruff.

Police say Alderman Judy Furr asked Bob Andrews to get the information.

We talked to the man in the center of this controversy, Erick Woodruff.

"This itself was shocking.  I mean, why me? I could not believe it....and I still can't," said Woodruff.

So many questions, but still very few answers for Public Works Director, Erick Woodruff.

Police reports say former 9-11 director Bob Andrews tried to get Woodruff's date of birth.

The report says alderman Judy Furr asked Bob Andrews to find it.

To this day, Erick Woodruff says he still doesn't know why.

"You  know, what happens next? Who's the next department head or director that someone wants to, per say go snooping around in someone's history or past or something of that nature," said Andrews.

Bob Andrews' request to get his job back as 9-11 director was declined.

Erick says he thinks the mayor handled this situation appropriately, but he adds city leaders have to work as a team.

He says team work is made more difficult when he says trust has been shattered.

"We're already having morale issues. That in itself made it a lot worse than what it already is," said Woodruff.

Woodruff says this whole situation is taking a toll not only on him, but his family too.

He says that's what has  been the most frustrating thing, that they're having to bear the same burdens he is.

"Where shots are taken against them as well," said Woodruff.

Erick Woodruff says he hasn't spoken to Judy Furr or Bob Andrews.

He says the only things he wants to know is why.

Neither Judy Furr nor Bob Andrews had a comment for Region 8 News.