Wish Granted to Greene County Teen

MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT) -- A 15 year old teenage girl from Paragould has been granted her wish through the Make-a-Wish foundation.  Morgan McPherson was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2005 and is now in remission from her illness.

On Monday students at the Marmaduke School District granted her wish.  This is the forth wish the students at the school have granted.

To be able to grant the wish, the students at Marmaduke came up with a fake event to bring Morgan and her classmates to the Marmaduke gym.   The invention of the Northeast Arkansas Civics Association's first annual civics bowl was the ruse used to get Morgan McPherson and the students in her class to Marmaduke.

Now Morgan and her parents will be going to Washington D.C. for her wish.  Marmaduke student body president Taylor Grayham said this is the forth wish the students at Marmaduke have granted and it means a lot to the students.

"It is peers.  It is students our age who are going through very trying times and it's really good to give back to them when we could be in those shoes at any given time," said Grayham.

"It makes me feel good knowing a community like this, especially Marmaduke that has had so much strife themselves, can help my daughter.  These kids didn't know Morgan.  They just knew she was their age and had triumphed over cancer," said David McPherson.

It takes $5,000 to grant a wish and kids here K through 12 at Marmaduke dug deep into their pockets to make her dream come true.

"We have children who dig quarters out of the bottoms of their pockets.  It's really a community effort," said Grayham.

While the students of Marmaduke School District did raise the money for Morgan McPherson's wish, the money you help to raise during the Make-a-Wish Heart-a-Thon every year goes to help grant the wishes of other children right here in Region 8.