Are Gas Prices Affecting Our Vehicle Selection?

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) -  As summer approaches it's the time to travel, but there's one major roadblock this year - gas prices.

So, for many driving large vehicles, it's the breaking point.

"I just traded in my SUV two weeks ago, so you can immagine my opinion," said Daniel Baker.

Others, however, seem to have no problem spending close to a $100 per tank on a bigger ride.

"I just bought this, so, it's great because I have four children and I have to haul them everywhere. I kind of have to have a bus," said Kristal Kibler.

While the national gas average is sitting around $3.60 a gallon, it seems people are still having a hard time leaving their trucks and S-U-V's behind and getting into a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle.

"They gripe about the gas prices, but they still buy the bigger cars."

Larry Breckenridge owns and operates Larry's Auto Sales in Paragould and says he still doesn't understand exactly why people are clinging to their larger rides.

"The last time gas shot up, I went out and bought a bunch of small, 4-cylinder vehicles. A year and a half later I still had some of them and I was still selling the big rigs," said  Breckenridge.

He says those that really seem to notice gas prices the most are those with a commute.

"If somebody's driving 40 to 50 miles one way, they are thinking in terms of gas. People just going across town to wherever they work. It doesn't seem like it bothers them much," said Breckenridge.

But for those who have made the downgrade from their big rig, they're now saving in the pocketbook.

"I liked it, but it was just too expensive to drive," said Baker.

We're told the smaller the engine, the better the gas mileage you will get.

However, for many, they aren't willing to lose the size of their vehicle to save a few bucks at the pump.

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