Parts of Highway 37 Still Under Water

JACKSON COUNTY (KAIT) - One of the only highways left flooded in Region 8 is this section of Highway 37 between Tuckerman and Cord.

This road has been closed since mid-March and has made it difficult for Danny Hopkins to get to his farm land.

"I've got cattle in Strawberry and I've gotta go to either Newark or Hoxie to check on my livestock. You talking 50 miles one way, this is thirty five."

Since you can see the center line most all of the way across the road which shows the waters not real deep. I asked Mr. Hopkins if he would drive across the flood.

Hopkins, "Uh uh, it's a 500 dollar or 750 dollar fine if you get caught crossing it. I'm not gonna pay 500, 750 dollars. That would buy more gas for me to go round than it will to cross this."

The fines aren't quite that high, in Jackson county it's $175 dollars and Independence it's 155 but is it worth risking your car and your life?

I rode across with Dillon Ferguson, like others he showed little fear of the water on the road.

"Far as crossing this water here. It's nothing to dangerous. You've gotta take your time, realize that you can see the bottom and know that there's a hard bottom and just take it easy through it."

At about the deepest point on the road it's up to about 6 inches but out here in the middle the current is very swift and it could take a car off the road.

Calvin Smith says he's experienced in driving in high water.

Smith, "I've drove through water all my life and if I hadn't been able to see the road I wouldn't have. I would have turned around and went the other way."

On the Jackson county side of the flood sits the Old River package store and Brocks Party store. Both of which get the majority of their business from the Independence county side.

Since the road has been closed each store has lost thousands in revenue and Brocks has had to cut hours due to lack of business.

It may be another couple of weeks till the waters recede and until then the road stays closed.

Technically and legally the road is closed and we advise you strongly not to drive through any flood waters any where.