Gamers Stack Lines at Midnight to Steal, Kill and Commit Grand Theft Auto

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Store employees have anxiously been preparing for this night and particularly this moment when a number of people will rush inside to purchase one of the most anxiously awaited video games of the year.  Grand Theft Auto 4.

And as the doors are unlocked and fans line up, the game goes on sale.

Its all here. Shooting at others, carjacking's and your "run of the mill" violence that makes Grand Theft Auto one of the most popular video game series out there.

This year promises to be more violent than ever and this is probably not a game most parents will want their kids to play.  Aside from the violence, one edition of the game even includes a real gun case that a real pistol will fit in.

Retailers have adopted policies to prevent the sale of games like these to minors, but without legislation, the game can end up in a minors hand before its out of the store.  The minor simply needs a friend or relative who is over 18 to buy the game.  They don't even need to be a parent and with no consequence, they can hand the game over to the minor.

And while some parents may be keeping a closer eye on their kids game system, fans of the game maintain that it doesn't have to be for everyone to be appealing to many out there.