Trashing Region 8: Brookland Dumpsite

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT)-  A heavily littered area below the trees is the stark ugliness of years and years of illegal dumping, and the location is just several hundred feet away from a major highway.

This week we are on the road to Brookland, where we stop off on the side of Highway 49 just near the 49-B junction.

"As you can see there is broken glass everywhere. There's metal, sharp metal. Also there's old paint cans. There's a floor covering sealant. Some very toxic things are in here," said George Johnson.

As myself and Johnson, the County's Environmental Services Officer walk through the nearly three acre site, we stumbled upon tons of trash and a lot of heavy appliances.

Everything from refrigerators to washing machines now lie in a thick brush, rusted from years of exposure to the elements.

To give you an idea just how large this dumpsite is, take a look at this example. An old tire left  years ago is now completely inhabited by an adult tree.

And johnson says this is a perfect example of how a small illegal dumpsite can turn into a massive amount of trash.

"This hasn't just happened over night. I would say probably 30 years ago it started as a small dumpsite, and people just keep bringing stuff out every year and dumping here, and you can see what it has grown into," said Johnson.

It is believed that it will take more than $20,000 to clean up this site, and unfortunately a new owner just bought the piece of property.

As of now, action on the site is pending.

UPDATE:  The owners of the property that we showed you last week have been contacted and were not aware of the situation.

They have told the county, that they will clean up the mess.

Both they and the other sites we showed you have been given 20 days to get a plan of action in order.

And as we continue to locate areas in region eight trashed by years of illegal dumping, hopefully the damage can eventually be reversed.

"I hope that it is through ignorance that people of done this in the past. Times have changed, and we have found out that it is very toxic and very harmful for the environment for our children, so we have become more aware," said Johnson.

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