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Paragould, AR

Lt. Governor Helps Handicapped Woman Escape Paragould Housefire

PARAGOULD, AR - Witnesses say Lt. Governor Bill Halter, along with a state trooper and a member of his staff, helped a woman in a wheelchair off the porch of a burning home.

Halter, on his way to a meeting with Paragould's mayor Wednesday, told reporters that he saw smoke rising from the house fire about 10:30 a.m.  Family members for the unidentified woman needed the help to lift the woman away to safety after she fell out of her wheelchair.

Halter spokesman Garry Hoffman told The Associated Press that after the men got the women into the front yard, flames shot out of a doorway.  Hoffman said Trooper Ramey Lovan suffered a slight burn to his arm.  Halter apparently escaped unscathed.

Halter said he was "just glad all these people are going to be fine."

Region 8 News was at the scene of the fire and rescue will have more information tonight on Region 8 News at Six.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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