Foiled Bank Robbery In Blytheville

BLYTHEVILLE (KAIT) - Quick action by the Blytheville Police department foiled a bank robbers escape.

Lt. Timothy Bentley, BPD, "We have a report of a robbery over here at the Farmers Bank. The main branch in Blytheville at wWalnut Street."

The offender was described as a black male wearing jeans and a white t-shirt.

Bentley, "We saw an individual leaving the area that matched that description. He had a sack in his hand the officers attempted to stop him and he fled the area back in a westerly direction we did apprehend the guy over on main street."

The robbers name was given as 24 year old Marzues Scott of Blytheville there is no word on how much was taken in the hold up.

Bentley, "No one was injured it appears that we recovered the money and we've recovered the weapon that was used. And everythings fine."

There is no official word given as to how much money was taken in the robbery.