A Streak of Light In Region 8's Night Sky

RECTOR, AR (KAIT) -- You've heard the saying being in the right place at the right time.

For one Region 8 woman, not only was she in the right place, she had a camera in hand too.

With her camera she caught a flash in the sky that only lasted a few seconds.

While she's not exactly sure what she saw, she has her own hunch.

Jennifer Warner and her husband were at Heritage Park, in Piggott, on Saturday night when they captured a silent flash in the night's sky.

"I just caught the tail end of it. It was just beautiful. It was blue, and yellow, and green, and I was just like wow," said Warner.

They were at a Relay for Life ceremony in the park honoring the memory of their 14 year old son Kevin who lost his battle with cancer 10 months ago.

She's ruled out a of couple of possibilities of what this mystery flash in the night is.

"It didn't last very long...a few seconds...but longer than a shooting star....bottlerocket, fireworks....she laughs. Maybe a  meteor, I don't know," said Warner.

What exactly this is, we may never know.

Jennifer does know this, just as her son's name was called, she turned and caught that moment in time with her camera....so Jennifer has her own theory.

"What do I think it was? A sign from God....letting me know that my son is okay," said Warner.

Jennifer sent in that video through the See It, Snap It, Send It feature of our website at kait8.com.

We encourage all of you out there to send in interesting moments that you capture.

We may just share them with the rest of Region 8.