Severe Storms Cause Damage to Region 8

GREER'S FERRY, AR (KAIT) -- A line of severe thunderstorms that moved through Region 8 on Friday morning left a trail of damage behind.  In Cleburne County residents are working to clean up the devastation caused by a possible tornado.

Hassel, Lori, and Taylor Long's trailer home has been reduced to bits and pieces.  Now the family is working to go through their belongings and save what they can.

"I just couldn't imagine it being our place," said Hassel Long.

The trailer that used to set on the foundation is now gone and everything they own is out in the field.   Now all that's left to do is pick up what's left behind.

"There's very little to save but I feel very blessed that we weren't home.  That's the most important thing," said Lori Long.

13-year-old Taylor Long said while this is going to be a rough time for his family they won't let it keep them down.

"I'm really sad because I lost everything.  But I know that I'll have better things in the near future," said Taylor Long.

Even though the evidence of the storm is all around them, this family is still coping with their loss.

"You look at other peoples places and see what happened but you just can't think about that ever happening to you until it actually does," said Hassel Long.

"I wouldn't have ever thought this was going to happen, but at least I've got friends to come help me," said Taylor Long.

Now the big question is what happens next.

"I don't know.  We haven't given it much thought," said Lori Long.