New Steel Plant in Mississippi County

ARMOREL (KAIT) - In the production of steel there is waste product such as steel dust from arc furnaces. But the new Pizo plant intends to recycle this waste.

Nigel Morrison Pizo Gen. Mgr. "We're gonna take that dust process it in revolutionary technology and basically take out the zinc and the iron."

In spite of the threat of storms local officials and industry personnel gathered to turn the golden shovels. The Chamber and the Great River Economic Development group has been working with this company for about 2 years. The Pizo plant will be a perfect fit for the area.

Clif Chitwood, "It's another part, another piece of the steel cluster that we have here which has been so good to us and added so many good paying jobs to Mississippi county. Over the last Fifteen or Twenty years."

The steel dust will come from the Nucor steel plants right next to the new plant.

In the steel industry this plant is as green as it gets.

And not only will this plant be green and state of the art it will be the only plant like it in the entire world.

Morrison, "There will be absolutely no waste at all through the process. Which is revolutionary it's the only one step commercially available process like this in the world."

there will two prime products that will come out of the plant for resale, iron and zinc.

Morrison, "Which can be sold into the zinc metal industry or zinc chemical industry and iron which we'll process into pig iron.

From the gray of the steel industry to green for the future.

The plant will have about 45 employees and be operating by early 2009.