Train Derails at Mammoth Spring

MAMMOTH SPRING, AR - A Burlington Northern/Santa Fe freight train derailed in downtown Mammoth Spring shortly after 12 p.m. this afternoon, prompting emergency authorities to evacuate all campuses of the Mammoth Spring School District.

Fulton County Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator Al Roork said 14 cars of a 118-car freight train derailed, but no was injured in the mishap.  Thirteen of the 14 derailed cars were carrying "pelletized plastic," which is used in the manufacture of plastic goods, according to Roork.  The other car's cargo was liquid butane," but at this time that car is not leaking.  However, about 500 students, plus faculty and staff, were evacuated from the nearby school as a precautionary measure.

Several law enforcement officials, emergency responders and railroad employees are working to secure the scene at this time.

Vehicle traffic in the area is described as "heavily congested" at this time, and Roork said emergency officials are asking anyone that does not have to be in Mammoth Spring at this time to stay away.