3 Months Later: Mountain View Rebuilding

MOUNTAIN VIEW, AR (KAIT) -- The devastating effects of a tornado can devastate a community and the recovery can take years.  No one knows that better than the members of region 8 communities that have been hit by tornadoes recently.

It's been three months since Highland and Mountain View were hammered by a single tornado.

Cecil Brittain's home was ripped open by the February 5th tornado.  Now the once two story home is one story.  The inside has been stripped of sheetrock and insulation and new construction is underway.

"I think we've done well considering we haven't been able to work that many days straight," said Brittain.

But even in that short amount of time houses are going back up quickly.

"It's a close tight knit little town and the next morning neighbors were helping neighbors and people from all over the county were here helping on the cleanup effort," said Larry Alcorn.

And even though this town is recovering residents know what others are going through right now.

"As we look at the situation and survey what's happened in Mountain View and surrounding areas, our loss seems pretty insignificant," said Brittain.

The Brittain's hope to be able to move back into their home by December.